Dainty Stitches

I am an emerging designer in the Bay Area trying to make it in the fashion world...my life through the creation of beautiful clothes

Here’s the photo shoot with my designs photographed by Chris Macarthur.  It was an awesome experience since this was my first “professional” type photo shoot with my own designs.  Nina Noir modeled for me and Melissa Calamia did the hair and make-up.  

My inspiration for this collection was my parents which you can see in my sketchbook tab.  Mainly I focused on their wedding in the 70s and their honeymoon trip to Ixtapa Mexico.  So you’ll see the 70s influences with the high-waisted jeans, shorts and skirts, the bold prints and the accessories.  I wanted to make this collection to be really colorful and fun, since it’s a resort collection.  I plan to expand this collection and make it more of a complete collection and show in July at F3.  If you don’t know what F3 is and you’re in the bay area around july 15th you should definitely check it out and try to go! 

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